Special Interest Group on “Internet Measurements”

Leader: Antonio Pescape’

The CSIM SiG on “Internet Measurements” will specifically address issues related to the emerging topics in the field of network and traffic measurements, especially when their purpose is to improve and secure the current Internet. In this context, the topics addressed by the SiG include:

  • techniques, tools, and environments looking at reproducibility in network and traffic measurements (topology discovery, capacity and bandwidth estimation, and QoS parameter measurement)
  • capture, analysis, characterization, and modeling of network traffic
  • techniques, tools, and platforms for traffic identification and classification
  • measurement and characterization of malware and unwanted traffic, network anomaly detection, and security threats
  • measurement-inspired modeling, control, and management

The expected main activities of the SiG will be devoted to both foster interaction among experts researching and operating in the field of “Internet Measurements” and provide an open forum to exchange information and to facilitate new and even more stimulating collaboration activities.
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