IEEE Workshop on Enabling the Future Service-Oriented Internet (EFSOI)

The IEEE Workshop on Enabling the Future Service-Oriented Internet (EFSOI) is an annual event, sponsored by CSIM TC, that provides a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas concerning service-oriented networks and computing, an important emerging paradigm for future Internet design. Service and application-oriented networks represent an area of convergence between communications and computing, based on modular, distributed and re-configurable capabilities, and blending network and service functions in a way that emphasizes end-user and business functionality. The objective of the workshop is to address network-level as well as application and service-layer topics of analysis, design, monitoring and experimentation. The top-down interplay between services and networking creates unique modelling, design and implementation challenges. The goal of the workshop is to focus the community’s efforts in building up this important area by discussing perspective issues and required breakthroughs in research and development.

Place: Honolulu, HI, USA (jointly with Globecom 2009)
Chairs: George Michailidis, Michael Devetsikiotis, Bob Callaway

Place: New Orleans, LA, USA (jointly with Globecom 2008)
Chairs: George Michailidis and Bob Callaway

Place: Washington, DC, USA (jointly with Globecom 2007)
Chairs: Michael Devetsikiotis and George Michailidis