The Communications Systems Integration and Modeling technical committee focus its activities on simulation, analytical tools and measurement of communications links and networks. CSIM has been sponsoring activities on traffic modeling, performance and integration of next-generation wireless and wireline networks.

CSIM sponsors its traditional bi-annual workshop CAMAD, as well as special issues in the IEEE Communications Magazine and in the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications. CSIM is very active in ICC and in GLOBECOM and was one of the co-founders of MILCOM. CSIM has its roots on the Communications Systems Engineering Technical committee and its past chairs are:

2023-now – Luca Foschini

2021-2023 – Nizar Zorba

2019-2020 – Burak Kantarci

2015-2018 – Christos Verikoukis

2013-2015 – Stefano Giordano

2011-2013 – Harry Skianis

2009-2011 – Fabrizio Granelli

2007-2009 – Pascal Lorenz

2005-2007 – Nelson L.S. da Fonseca

2002-2005 – Mike Devetsikiotis

2000-2002 – Mohammad Ilyas

1999-2000 – Hussein Mouftah

1996-1999 – Guy Omydar

1994-1996 – Bill Tranter