Special Interest Group on ‘Design and Performance Optimisation of Green Networking’

Leader: Christos Verikoukis

The purpose of this SIG is to bring closer researchers working on green networking by means of reducing energy consumption in communication networks, protocols and devices. In recent years, embedding energy awareness in the design of communication systems has been considered not only for the economical benefits but also for environmental concerns.

Thus, this urgent need of bringing energy efficiency in wireless and wired systems, both for industry and academia, was the key-enabler of this SIG creation. Within the framework of “Green Networking”, a number of paradigm-shifting technical approaches can be expected, including but not limited to the following:

  • Novel energy efficient and low complexity PHY-layer techniques
  • Energy efficient design of MAC and RRM protocols
  • Energy efficient network coded wireless architectures
  • Exploiting short range cooperative networking for the design of energy efficient wireless networks
  • Exploiting cognition to reduce the energy consumption in wireless networks

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