The CSIM SIG on Service Modeling for multi-tenant 5G cell-less architectures aims to introduce innovative service-oriented and multi-tenant programmable network architectures that support the cell-less paradigm, which goes beyond the traditional single-cell user association, i.e., introducing multi-connectivity and considering network resources spanning across different cells, networks and operators as a common resource pool. Our efforts will be concentrated, but not limited, on:

  • providing a comprehensive framework that will sustain the coexistence and coordination of networking, software and edge-cloud technologies
  • modeling a cell-less user centric service-aware resource allocation paradigm, considering dynamic user association towards multiple RATs and taking into account user mobility
  • ensuring network programmability and efficient resource orchestration through network and function virtualization
  • minimizing control and signalling overhead
  • supporting multi-tenancy and scalability
  • promoting the development of new business models for emerging services

Overall, the main objective of this SIG is to provide comprehensive service modelling for a true 5G service experience, guaranteeing the perception of high QoE by the end-user, at any time and regardless of their location, while optimizing the network performance, taking into account the diverse application requirements. To that end, this SIG will bring together experts from industry and academia and will provide a forum for discussion and analysis towards the creation of an innovative 5G architectural framework.